Matthew Osborn

Cerebellar Ataxia and Exercise

  Cerebellar ataxia is a neurological condition where there is damage to the cerebellum. The cerebellum is a section of the brain that is primarily involved in the coordination of movement and balance, along with

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Jackson Free

Post Exercise Recovery

  Some coaches, athletes and other staff within the professional sport industry argue that optimising recovery can reduce the time in which athletes aren’t able to train (due to soreness and fatigue), thus allowing them

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Ally Van Dorp

Hypopressive Breathing with Apnea

Hypopressive breathing is a technique used to lift the pelvic organs and muscles, to reduce intraabdominal pressure and improving core muscle activity. This indirectly happens from the lift of the diaphragm and associated pressure decrease

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Lori Ryan

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis occurs when there is inflammation of the plantar fascia at the bottom of your foot and is a common source of heel pain. So, what is fascia? Fascia is a form of connective

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Mitchell Pateman

Sarcoidosis: How Exercise can Help!

Sarcoidosis is a condition that involves the growth of inflammatory cells called granulomas. These can form in any part of the body but are most commonly formed in the lungs and lymph nodes of the

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