Corporate Health Program

The newest source of competitive edge is healthier employees — making health management the newest strategy for improving organizational performance.”

Sean Sullivan, CEO – Institute for Health and Productivity Management

Employing workers means relying on human resources for productivity and profitability. If you rely on people for the ongoing operation of your business then you MUST also invest in keeping your people happy, motivated and healthy. Health and wellbeing in the workplace is an important strategy that benefits both the employer and the worker.

Benefits Include:

• Increased Productivity

• Improved staff morale, satisfaction and motivation

• 24% decrease in sick leave

• 25% decrease in workers compensation claims; and

• Increased physical health and mental health of employees

Recent research has shown that workplace health programs resulted in, on average, a $5.81 of savings for every $1.00 invested on employee wellbeing (HPIA 2010).

Know Your Numbers:

Our Know Your Numbers program has been designed as a tool to bring awareness to a number of important health markers and chronic disease risk identifiers that, as our lives continue to become increasingly busier, we tend to overlook.

Blood Markers Include:

Total Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure

Chronic Disease Risk Identifiers:

Waist to Hip Ratio and Cardiovascular Fitness


This program aims to create a ‘vibe’ around health awareness. Once employees are engaged and invested in their health we are able to educate and empower them to take ownership and create opportunities to make the necessary changes.