Meet The Team

David Werth

Sports Scientist / Exercise Physiologist

Growing up playing Basketball in Toowoomba and experiencing first hand the benefits of strength and conditioning has on performance, athlete development and injury rehabilitation led David to study a degree in Sport and Exercise Science, with honours in Clinical Exercise Physiology, which he graduated from in 2022. He also completed his level 1 ASCA Strength and Conditioning course in 2020.

David enjoys providing opportunities for local athletes of all ages to improve their performance, rehabilitate from injuries, and helping them build healthy habits regarding recovery that will be beneficial for them all the way through their athletic careers and beyond. Doing this by providing individualised, evidence based training ensures that the athlete will get the most out of their training, and get them closer to achieving their goals.

David also has a keen interest in using exercise as a treatment in chronic disease management as he has seen the positive outcomes of exercise in this space within his family. He believes that putting your health first is important, and nothing is more rewarding than achieving health related goals.