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Welcome to Vision Health

Enriching the health and lifestyle of our clients, to improve well-being, prevent injury and increase physical performance.

 Vision Exercise Physiology is a health and lifestyle experience unlike conventional gyms. We are a locally owned and operated business, so we have the time to focus on who you are and what you need to gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our team specialises in exercise prescription to help manage chronic disease, chronic pain, injury rehabilitation, falls prevention, athletic development and strength and conditioning. 

We provide one-on-one and small group sessions that concentrate on delivering results based on your specific needs. Your movement program will be tailored specifically for you based on your physical capabilities, as well as your personal goals and lifestyle aspirations.


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I am a Vietnam Veteran, and a few years ago my doctor asked me what exercise I was doing. At that stage I was walking but easily made excuses not to, if weather didn’t suit and so on. He suggested a gym-based programme supervised by an Exercise Physiologist at Vision Exercise Physiology. My blood pressure and cholesterol were both high, a sedentary lifestyle and enjoying food and drink meant my weight was a little over 110kg! Today I attend the gym four mornings a week for weights and cardio exercises. Weight loss and feelings of well-being have been achieved through my attendance at the gym, and I would highly recommend this positive change to anyone in a similar situation, with the team at Vision Exercise Physiology.

Greg Brady

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