The primary focus of Pilates is to maximise function through all areas of the body, identifying strengths and weaknesses throughout the body, and then using exercises and movements specific to the individual to improve strength, coordination, balance and body awareness.


 Pilates can assist in restoring movement and strength to support the body through injury or operation recovery while also having the capacity to challenge athletic performance.




We are not seeking to “correct” the body, rather to challenge the body and muscles to become adaptable and resilient by moving the body in ways which may be unfamiliar.

Our Pilates offering utilizes a variety of apparatus and equipment including the Reformer and the Wunda Chair, along with the use of small equipment, depending on the individuals needs and movement capacity.

The use of varying apparatus continually provides challenge to the muscles by changing the orientation and position of the body, whilst also challenging and improving our proprioception and mind body connection by layering more components or moving parts to the exercise.

The use of spring resistance on the Reformer and Wunda Chair is designed to provide constant active muscle engagement throughout an exercise working the muscles through both the contracting and lengthening phase of the movement.

Including a regular Pilates session in your current exercise regime could be the missing link for addressing recurring muscle and joint pain and improving your strength, range of movement and overall performance.