Athlete Development Program

The future of Strength and Conditioning for elite and emerging athletes

Vision Sport Science has been an innovator and leader in the private sector for sports performance and the Athlete Development Program showcases this with its an all-encompassing programming to enhance sports performance for athletes in the region.

Our philosophy is that we want to mould the complete athlete, we do this by educating athletes in all areas of sports performance. Just like a house we start by building strong foundations through our BIG 7 movements. These movements help to create a base for athletes to become great movers, reduce injury risk and start to develop absolute strength and explosive power. We also help educate athletes on how to become better athletes with recovery, nutrition, psychology and mind set to really help mould the complete athlete. As a member of the Athlete development program you will be fully supervised by our University Qualified Sports Scientists and certified Strength and Conditioning coaches. During your 90minute sessions, athletes will work with our coaches and likeminded athletes to ensure optimal performance.

1. Initial Consultation

You will have a short 20-30min phone call with our Sports Scientist. In this phone call they will go over any concerns or questions you may have and gain some information about your sport to enhance your testing.

2. Performance Testing

  • At the start of every athlete’s journey with us, you will complete performance testing. During this session you will be tested on areas such as:
    o Quality of Movement
    o Strength
    o Power
    o Speed (change of direction)
    o Fitness
  • After every 12 weeks (can change due to competitions) you will redo your performance testing to ensure you are progressing at the rate you are expecting.

3. Individualised Program Design

  • After your testing your coach and you will talk about a preferred pathway for you to help optimise outcomes. No pathway is better than another, but a pathway will be specific to your needs.
  • Once this is completed, we start to develop your program. Every program is bespoke and individualised for you and your outcomes.

Unlike many other facilities this is what truly sets us apart. Our programs are NOT generalised or stereotypical, our programs are designed and created for you and only you. This allows you to know that you are getting the right program for you and the program you deserve. This is a huge leap towards what professional sport offers their athletes and away from the generic programs other facilities or online programs offer.

Because we have completed the performance testing with you, we are able to see how your body moves, know your strength and weakness and really focus on what needs to be improved to help you succeed. All our programs are delivered via a smartphone app that you can access at our facility in Centenary Heights or anytime while you’re away in the gym of your choosing.

4. 1 on 1 Onboarding

After your testing and program has been designed, you will attend our 1on1 onboarding. This is where you really start to get a taste for what is on offer. Our coaches are experts in human movement and sports performance and during your first week you will get to work with your coach 1on1. They will teach you all your movements, get your weights right, allow you to become comfortable in the gym surroundings and start to make you feel apart of the community.
This is also a great time to start to build a relationship with your coach as they will be with you throughout your journey. The entire first week of your program will be with this one coach be it 2 sessions or as many as 4, everyday of your program will be run through with you. This time will also be a great opportunity for you to ask any questions to your coach.

5. Small Group Training

As they say this is where the magic happens. This is the real nuts and bolts of the Athlete Development Program. These times allow all of our athletes to go through their programming with the supervision of our coaches. You won’t always be supervised by your coach, but that doesn’t matter as all of our coaches have a weekly meeting so that they can catch up on what’s been going on Additionally, you can leave a note on your program for the coach to see.

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Elite Plan

The Vision Sport Science flagship for serious athletes at the most affordable rate.
$ 70 per week
  • Comprehensive Performance Testing
  • Complete Injury Assessment and Testing
  • Unlimited and Fully Supervised Coaching
  • Individualised Programming
  • 1:1 Onboarding
  • Full Gym Membership Access
  • Recovery Modalities