Vision Exercise Physiology have assisted with the UQ’s Swim Club for dementia patient’s trial in Toowoomba. The team has gone above and beyond my expectations with their offer of assistance to help the development of an aquatic exercise program that specifically addresses the physical, psychological and social needs of a disadvantaged population of Australians.

Vision Exercise Physiology and its team members are a vital part of the services we provide to our physiotherapy clients. They are exceptional in their delivery of the appropriate rehabilitation programs and work well with us in providing the client with the outcomes that they need.

Michael developed an individualised program that was able to fit into my schedule and budget. Over the nine months I successfully lost 40kgs and have maintained my current weight for another nine months. From being unable to jog around the block, I’m now training for my first half marathon!

Without Michael’s encouragement, I would not have moved along the path as much as I have. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia, and though Michael is gentle, he is firm in what he expects of his clients – always challenging them to go faster, harder or to do more.

Exercise Physiology plays an important role in the treatment of both pre-operative and post-operative rehabilitation. I have been very impressed with Vision Exercise Physiology’s determination not only to promote their field but also in the treatment and support of my patients.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Adam King and the team at Vision Exercise Physiology for helping me so much after my back operation. I have gone from walking with a walking stick to running up stairs!

The team at Vision Exercise Physiology has worked in association with my practice for the past 10 years. The combination of diet and exercise advice is extremely beneficial for many clients by providing a holistic approach to health and behaviour change. The Vision Exercise Physiology team are truly professional in their approach.

The facilities are fantastic. I have really enjoyed the privacy that the small group area provides. The equipment is modern and well organised and caters for both the individual and small group. All of the other staff have been so friendly and welcoming and it’s lovely to walk through the doors and be greeted by name with a smile.