Our Movement Specialists are experts in returning the injured body to its previous glory. From sports injuries and workplace injuries, to recovery from reconstructive and joint replacement surgeries, our highly experienced team can help you get moving safely again, and performing at your best.

Some of the more commonly injured areas include:

Upper, middle and lower back injuries can greatly reduce a person’s ability to function optimally in their day to day tasks, as well as on the sporting field. Through specific activation and postural correction exercises, functional strength training for the trunk and core musculature can greatly improve spinal stability and reduce the risk of future injury aggravation.

Injuries to the shoulders can greatly limit a person’s abilities, from muscle strains and tendonitis to total shoulder reconstructions. By increasing the strength and stability of a shoulder joint, we can reduce pain and weakness, therefore greatly reducing the risk of re-injury and improving performance.

Knee injuries have a largely negative impact on a person’s mobility and confidence completing daily activities and on the sporting field, therefore restoring these quickly and effectively is upmost for a successful return to an active lifestyle and a safe return to the sporting field.

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