10 Tips to keep active over the holiday period!

The holiday period can be a tricky time to keep active especially if you are travelling. Although it is essential to take time off and relax, it is also just as important to not stop being physically active all together. We know that recommencing a regular exercise routine following a long break can be especially challenging. So here are some handy tips to keep you active over the holiday period.

  1. Try something new
    Use your trip away to inspire a new form of exercise, if you typically walk or run try swimming. If you generally do resistance training in a gym, try a park or a beach-based body weight session!
  1. Set SMART short-term goals
    Set goals that you know you can achieve while on holidays. Rather than planning on trying to improve your strength and fitness you may be best planning to maintain your current levels.
  1. Plan trips/activities that will involve being physically active.
    Things like mountain bike tours, high rope courses or rock climbing can be great family adventures which require a lot of physical activity.
  2. Plan your exercise for first thing in the morning
    Getting your exercise out of the way first thing in the morning will allow you the rest of the day to relax and enjoy your holiday. Often you are less likely to put it off this way as well.
  3. Get everyone involved
    If you’re holidaying with a group of people try planning a sporting activity like a game of touch football or basketball. This can be a fun way to
  4. Look for restaurants or activities that are within walking distance of your accommodation
    Depending on where you are holidaying you may be able to increase your incidental activity by avoiding driving or public transport.
  1. Workout with a partner
    Plan to have a workout buddy while on holidays this is a great way to keep yourself accountable and less likely to put it off.
  2. Use the facilities on offer at your accommodation
    Often many hotels/resorts have well equipped gyms or pools that can be utilised for maintaining your exercise routine.
  1. Research community exercise groups/sessions
    Find out if there are any group bootcamps or Pilates type sessions that you can access.
  2. Have fun!
    Holidays are supposed to be an enjoyable time so try not to over complicate your exercise. Remember something is always better than nothing!