A Sneak Peek Into The MPA Program – Lauren Turner AEP

Our Modified Physical Activity program is designed to focus on the development of fine motor and gross motor skills, coordination, cardiovascular fitness, core strength and balance. Delivered in a small group environment, this program provides a movement opportunity for those who find it difficult to participate in structured sport or activity with their peers. Here is a little sneak peek into the types of exercises we prescribe in this group program.

THE DRINKING BIRD is just one of our fun and engaging exercises that our participants get involved with. This exercise encompasses various components which include gross motor skills, balance, coordination and strength. The equipment required for this exercise is 3 balls, 3 cones and a target sheet that can be hung. The 3 cones are to be placed in a triangle formation on the ground with one ball on top of each cone and the target sheet hung on a wall a few metres in front. 

To perform this exercise the participant starts standing in the centre of the cones on one leg. Each ball is then picked up one at a time and thrown at the target on the wall. This is done by hinging at the hips rather than bending at the knees (as shown in the photos below). Once all the balls have been thrown, the exercise is repeated on the other leg. 

At Vision we like to support people of all ages and abilities. At a young age, participation in physical activity is important not only for physical but also cognitive development. It is clinically proven that children who participate in a structured exercise program:

  • Enhance muscular capacities, motor skills and behaviour
  • Improve reaction time and accuracy
  • Enhance aerobic & anaerobic capacity, agility, muscle strength, self-competence, gross motor function & health-related quality of life
  • Have heightened executive function and cognition

If you would like more information on this program, please contact our reception team on 46 383 777.