Active Aging – Lauren Turner AEP

As we age it is becoming increasingly important to lead healthy and active lifestyles. Participating in regular exercise can help reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, stroke, osteoporosis and some cancers. Particularly in older adults there are more specific reasons why we may benefit from getting involved in an exercise routine to help maintain independence and improve quality of life.

Bone Health

As we get older the way in which our bones mature can make us susceptible to low bone mineral density or brittle bones. With lower than normal bone mineral density we become prone to fractures which can be harder to recover from as we age. Bone remodelling occurs as a response to stress or impact and therefore participating in resistance-based exercise can help improve bone mineral density to help preserve bone mass and prevent the development of osteoporosis and osteopenia.


Balance is a skill that we take for granted. It is comprised of multiple sensory inputs including the vestibular system (inner ear), vision and proprioception. If one of these sensory feedback systems is compromised, balance is altered. Skeletal muscle helps stabilise the joints in our body, and the ligaments that attach these muscles to the bone allow our body to know where it is in space (proprioception). Through strength and stability focused exercises, proprioception can be improved by strengthening the muscles surrounding the stabilising joint. 

Mobility & Functionality

Mobility refers to the range of motion in which our joints move. However, joint range of motion is influenced by the flexibility of the muscles attached. Participating in functional based exercises – such as sit to stands and step ups – to assist in improving strength and flexibility of the muscles and stability of the joint in these range of motions, will preserve mobility.

Currently, Vision Exercise Physiology is proud to be a part of Exercise Right for Active Ageing which aims to help support and promote healthy lifestyles and improved well-being for those over the age of 65. This program offers subsidised options for those who are eligible to participate. This program is a 12- week intervention where participants take part in an individualised exercise program run in a group-based setting. To determine your eligibility or find out more about this great opportunity, please contact our reception on 46 383 777.