Affording Yourself Recovery Time Without Excuse and Further Delay – Alastair McGorm AEP

As I continue my training toward completing the 2019 Gold Coast Half Marathon, I found that I have had to have 5 consecutive rest days due to a chest infection. Whilst there was nothing that could be done but rest I still suffered from unjustifiable guilt for not continuing to run and prepare. With each day that passed I was growing more aware of this feeling and the nagging thought that ‘ ok, you’re feeling better, don’t use this as an excuse.’ This was despite the fact that whilst improving I still very much am suffering the after effects of being unwell.

This all got me thinking very deeply about the inner battle that takes place within any individual’s mind when they set themselves for a health or non-health (for that matter) related goal. There will undoubtedly be occasions where you are simply unable to undertake the behaviours to achieve the required result. Two possible results of this are that you will drop off the band-wagon or feel frustrated for not having been able to do what you wanted. The third, and obviously more successful thought process during and following your interrupted process, is that speed bumps only become mountainous if you let them; that while it is necessary to slow down, brake or stop when they appear, it is also extremely important that you positively determine the most appropriate and most (long-term) successful  process for continuing forward. If that is resting until completely well again and then restarting the run, then so be it. Unfortunately too often we don’t arrive at this third state of mind and fall short of achieving that which we set out to which only further frustrates us.

Be clear about the goal, be fluid and adaptive in the process. Remain consistent and think only the best, as you work for the improvement of yourself.