Being Inspired into Action and Not Just Inspired – Alastair McGorm AEP

I have been fortunate enough to have been introduced and stumbled across dozens of very inspiring Podcasts and motivational videos and songs in recent weeks. Nothing can take away from the warm fuzzy feeling that you get from listening or watching an empowering piece. The hope and self-belief creates a wave of emotion and a sense that change can be made, progression can be undertaken or success may be achieved with some sense of grand action – and then nothing. It seems impossible that we may be educated or inspired via the great deeds or words of others so momentously and yet fail to undertake the recommended or necessary behaviours to achieve the goal that we ourselves set out. Is it a fear? A failure in planning? A lack of knowledge or understanding? A failure to plan? Or is it that we generally speaking aren’t consistent enough in our actions to turn our inspirations and aspirations into tangible accomplishments.

Too often people say to me that I tried that once and it didn’t work. Too often we expect the instant ‘health’ gratification that comes from choosing a healthy option – fully expecting to lose 2 kilograms in a week. Being inspired to action doesn’t just mean making a change for a day or a week or while the world is watching, it means consistently meeting the 1%ers, doing the little things even when no one is watching because after all the change you are looking to make is not for anyone else’s benefit it is for yours. Will Smith has been quoted as saying that

“You don’t set out to build the biggest and grandest wall there is. You say I am going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid and then you’ll have a wall”

Be inspired, have aspirations, dream big and fail big. But most of all be consistent every day as you move toward your goal with the unwavering belief that you can and you will succeed!