Blue September

With the transition from Winter to Spring on the first of the month we have also entered Blue September which aims to raise awareness for Men’s Cancers. With 22,000 Australian men losing their life to cancer each year, it is of the utmost importance that we understand key factors in helping to reduce Cancer risk.

With respect to Prostate Cancer, research has shown that regular intense exercise can reduce the incidence by up to 70%. When looking to manage diagnosed Prostate Cancer through exercise, research has shown that the symptoms of common treatments are reduced, physical and psychological factors are enhanced as well an increase survival rate. Exercise has also been shown to reduce the likelihood of other comorbidities which proven to be of a higher incidence to prostate cancer patients.

It is worth noting that many of the modifiable lifestyle risk factors are quite easy to change with the Australian Cancer Research Foundation suggests that are several ways men can reduce their cancer risk:

• Reduce alcohol intake
• Be physically active
• Take care when in the sun
• Aim for a healthy body weight
• Quit smoking or help a mate quit
• Visit your GP for a check-up (something Aussie men are notoriously reluctant to do!)