Exercising Outside – Ashley Johnston AEP

Over the years exercise has taken many shapes and forms, and more and more people are participating in physical activity in a gym-based setting. However, exercise is an activity that you can participate in almost any setting. In particular, there are many  benefits in exercising in an outdoor setting like your local park, or backyard with no equipment required. 

  1. Change of routine: there can be benefits from having a predictable routine when attending a gym, however changing it up to having less routine and exercise out of doors can also see that there is less chance of becoming disinterested in the exercise you are doing, as the nature of being outside means that there are differences each day.
  2. Fresh air: when you are exercise outside you will not be breathing in the recycled air that is usually part of exercise in doors.
  3. Greater muscle recruitment: there can be benefits from using cardio machines however there are limitations in the incline and levels that you use. When exercising outside there is greater and more regular changes in terrain and with the scenery you are not as prone to counting down the minutes until you have finished your allotted time to work out.
  4. Vitamin D: a proven need for all of us due to its health benefits
  5. Mental Health Benefits: there can be positive effects of exercise outdoor on your mental health.

As mentioned above, exercise outside can be done without equipment, in essence doing body weight exercises. Body weight exercise are a simple but effective way to improve balance, flexibility and strength. Here are some examples of body weight exercise that you could do in your local park.

  1. Mountain climbers
  2. Push ups
  3. Walking lunge
  4. Lateral bounds
  5. Dish
  6. Side plank hip lifts

If you would like to see an example of this outside program follow this link.