Group Exercise for Fitness Maintenance – Ashley Johnston AEP

At most ages there can be enjoyment found in exercising in a group, this can be especially true for those who are youth challenged! It could be with a group of friends, those with the same or similar conditions or those of the same age.  Depending on an individual’s preference there are a variety of ways that you can exercise in a group, from a personal group to a community-based exercise group.

There are several benefits from exercising in a group such as having a more social and fun environment to exercise in, a consistent exercise schedule, accountability, variety and health related benefits. Exercising in a group is an ideal place to start when getting back into activity, and a social activity that can be enjoyed by all.

Having the option of exercising in a group can also help with motivation as not everyone is completely self-reliable and motivated to get up or go out and exercise as often as it is recommended. Whereas when there is a set time, place and group of people that you are joining or meeting it can help keep you more motivated in your attendance. This can also provide continued support and motivation through being held accountable for your attendance. Participating in a group environment can provide a social aspect to fitness which can further promote accountability and motivation through enjoyability.  

An example of a group exercise program is our Lifestyle group Program. This Program creates safe movement possibilities for those who are finding it challenging to make the change alone. It is a supportive environment for structured group exercise that includes a combination of cardio, strengthening, balance and stretching exercises. Each exercise can be easily adjusted to suit all levels.