Meet The Team

Jackson Free

Senior Sports Scientist

Jackson completed his Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science with Honours in 2021 from The University of Queensland. He has been involved with sport and physical activity from a young age, with particular interests in rugby league, touch football and golf, which led him to his chosen field of study. Jackson is further accredited as an ASCA Level 1 strength and conditioning coach. Jackson has first-hand experience in coaching athletes of all ages and skill levels, with a particular interest in injury prevention, injury management and rehabilitation and performance development.

As a Sports Scientist, Jackson is also experienced with training clinical populations as well as athletic individuals. This exposure has led him to appreciate the importance of exercise and physical activity to improve quality of life and prolong healthy living. You’ll find Jackson in both branches of Vision’s Toowoomba precinct; training athletes in the sports science department and working with clients in the exercise physiology clinic.