New Programs for 2019 – Megan Mansell AEP

At Vision our goal is to provide everyone with the opportunity to exercise in a safe and supportive environment and we want to start 2019 off by opening up two additional programs.



Vision is very excited to announce that we are starting a postnatal exercise class in 2019. This small group program will be open to all women who are at least 6wks post childbirth, that require support and advice when returning to physical activity. It is also designed to help with any ongoing pain you may have from pregnancy and correct any postural adaptations that occurred. It doesn’t matter what your fitness level was before or during pregnancy, the program will be individualized to each woman’s needs, despite being supervised in a small group environment.


BACK to Life is picking up again after a short hiatus, starting the week beginning January 7th 2019. BACK to Life is a small group class for those who are experiencing any low back pain or referred pain. This class takes things back to basics to help build a strong foundation focusing on the four pillars of spine stabilization: transverse abdominis, multifidus, pelvic floor and diaphragm. The program progresses weekly as you develop better motor patterns and sets you up to be able to exercise and self-manage with functional, resistance exercises for long term back health.


Keep your eye out for more information regarding both programs as we enter into the New Year. If you have any questions about either program prior to this, please give us a call on 46383777.