Dictionary.com defines opportunity as “an appropriate or favourable time or occasion” and “a situation or condition favourable for attainment of a goal.” One word that is often synonymous with opportunities or the use of them is the word choice. For without choice, opportunities will come and go and invariably without choice (or even several ‘wrong choices’) favourable opportunities may actually reduce in frequency. This can be applied to lifestyle, financial, employment, relationship, health and several other life components.  If we continually to choose not to undertake appropriate lifestyle choices invariably we may go (for example) from having an opportunity to lose weight to potentially choosing between two different cardiac medications/ surgeries. If we continually do not undertake opportunity to promote suitable financial planning such as savings plans or investments, we may have only two dire choices to pick from.

Neither of these or several other examples are notions to scare people into making ‘the right choice’ but to ultimately consider that opportunities are a fact of circumstance that you can cultivate or you can ‘reduce.’ Obviously we would all like to make the right choice every time even on the occasions where we do not know which choice or opportunity is even the right one. What we must consider at each opportunity is what is the potential outcomes of each choice and are they in keeping with our goals and our WHY.

As opportunities are an consequence of circumstance then it would seem fair to say that choosing wisely is a hugely underrated consideration. For we all want as much opportunity as possible and logically it would seem that being open to opportunity, cultivating its frequency and maximising its likely results are benefitted from being proactive and making a positive choice.