Perspective – Alastair McGorm AEP

All too often we are all too quick to make assumptions about someone else’s decisions or choices without taking a second to consider their reasons or point of view. The beauty about the world in which we live is that each and every individual has a unique way in which they see the world and considering another’s point of view is not just about understanding their perspective but is also about significant personal growth that may be achieved. Individual perspective drives choices regarding, health, fitness, finance, careers, family and relationships and whilst we hope that everyone can make a positive and healthy choice in each of these areas that allows them to create balance and harmony, we also can’t force them to see things exactly how we may want them to see them. Some of the most powerful and significant learning experiences actually come from learning how not to do things.

I have been fortunate to have been recently introduced to the Enneagram of Personality Types, which considers the 9 different models of human psyche. Of the several things I found interesting about each of the different personalities, the concept that really stuck out to me was that people may have a have a range of qualities that make them have a cross-over amongst the types but people could also be in ‘integrative’ (healthy) or ‘disintegrative’ (unhealthy) ranges of their personality. The Enneagram of Personality fundamentally considers what is a core value to the individual and therefore what drives fundamental decision making and emotions.

It has been hugely helpful to read and understand my own personality type so that I can maximise my growth opportunities as well as continuing to learn that others will have different core values (which aren’t necessarily right or wrong) that will drive and dictate their decision making process. Gaining real perspective on this has allowed me to create more meaningful conversation and I highly recommend using this or other tools which allow for a greater understanding of other individual’s perspective.

Have a great week.