In August 2015 at only 22, I received a whiplash like injury, crushing my greater occipital nerves and wrenching the neural passages along my spine. I was diagnosed with chronic pain and given medications both for pain and inflammation. Slowly over the next few months I was less able to do things for myself and my body began to lose all of its muscle, I had to give up on work and my career goals. I needed assistance to dress, shower, even to brush my hair. I slowly withdrew from my social life as I was beginning to be unable to walk around for much longer than an hour or so. Physiotherapy only helped ease the pain for a day or two and in September 2016 I resorted to surgery to assist with the pain. After the surgery, my base pain level was lower (with medications) but I was still unable to do most things for myself. My physio suggested that I go and see Megan at Vision Exercise Physiology. Through her Back to Life program I was able to reverse the global muscle loss, train my muscles to work as they should, lowered my base pain level and was able to stop taking my anti-inflammatories and return to work. Thanks to the program I was able to return to my job as an aged care worker and return to pursuing my career goals to attend university. The Back to Life program, truly did give me back my life. I was able to socialise again, regain control of my fitness levels, I am eternally grateful for the new lease on life the program and Megan has given me and would highly recommend it to anyone.