18 months ago I finished the BACK to Life program with Vision Exercise Physiology and I can truly say I have my life back.

I had been suffering back pain for some time and had tried chiropractors and massage but the pain remained. I wasn’t sleeping because every time I had to roll over I had to brace myself and pull myself into a new position – my husband would often find me in the morning laying on the lounge room floor because I couldn’t lie in bed any longer. I couldn’t put my stocking on, bend over to wash my face at the basin or even put my undies on without having to sit down. Doing housework, groceries, hanging out washing and event getting up from a chair all required me to brace myself and grit my teeth before I moved.

So I heard about this program – what did I have to lose. It started with an assessment and then we commenced the program twice a week for 8 weeks. The program was easy to follow though we complained whenever we could! I couldn’t believe that within a couple of weeks my pain started to decrease and my proudest moment was putting my undies on standing up! I did the exercises at home while watching TV or even in the car – they are easy to incorporate into your life and I still do them now and am amazed that I am still pain free and can see how much progress I have made.

It is just so fantastic to be able to wash my face at the basin, sleep all night and roll over, do the groceries and can even go trail bike riding and lift my motor bike up when I fall off without help or feeling pain.

This is a great program run by fantastic trained and caring staff. They assist and change exercises as needed for each person’s needs. I recommend it to everyone I meet who says they have back pain.

I tried everything but I am so glad I found this program.