I suffer from severe osteoarthritis in both knees, so Michael has developed a program that has allowed me to maintain my overall fitness but also designed to strengthen my knees.

BACK to Life took me back to basics and is what I needed to do. I haven’t used certain muscles for years and am super happy to have found them again and have learnt to activate them again. I feel stronger in my core and have less pain then I have ever had waking up in the mornings, pain is nearly non-existent. A few things are a lot easier than they were 6 weeks ago like housework, carrying groceries and playing with my kids!

A BIG thank you to the Vision Exercise Physiology team for being the “Icing on my cake”.

Early 2015 my Orthopedic surgeon said I would require knee replacements in both knees within 5 years.

The Cake

In December 2015 I underwent a Total right knee replacement.  Through 2016 I followed this surgery up with regular physio rehabilitation exercise and swimming trying to regain enough strength to enable my ability to undertake higher level strengthening and muscle building exercises.

The Icing

In January 2017 I made contact with Vision Exercise Physiology and booked an appointment with them to determine the best way forward with my rehabilitation.

After learning about the Lifestyle Group Program I decided this would be best for me to participate in as it is fully supervised by a Exercise Physiologist in a small group environment.

After 3 months of participation attending 3/5 times a week I have since had a review with my Orthopedic surgeon regarding my left knee status. Much to my delight he believes my strength has improved so much to the point that I hopefully won’t require that Total knee replacement for another 10 years.

I continue to enjoy my Group sessions and the increased overall strength and fitness level gained.

In August 2015 at only 22, I received a whiplash like injury, crushing my greater occipital nerves and wrenching the neural passages along my spine. I was diagnosed with chronic pain and given medications both for pain and inflammation. Slowly over the next few months I was less able to do things for myself and my body began to lose all of its muscle, I had to give up on work and my career goals. I needed assistance to dress, shower, even to brush my hair. I slowly withdrew from my social life as I was beginning to be unable to walk around for much longer than an hour or so. Physiotherapy only helped ease the pain for a day or two and in September 2016 I resorted to surgery to assist with the pain. After the surgery, my base pain level was lower (with medications) but I was still unable to do most things for myself. My physio suggested that I go and see Megan at Vision Exercise Physiology. Through her Back to Life program I was able to reverse the global muscle loss, train my muscles to work as they should, lowered my base pain level and was able to stop taking my anti-inflammatories and return to work. Thanks to the program I was able to return to my job as an aged care worker and return to pursuing my career goals to attend university. The Back to Life program, truly did give me back my life. I was able to socialise again, regain control of my fitness levels, I am eternally grateful for the new lease on life the program and Megan has given me and would highly recommend it to anyone.

18 months ago I finished the BACK to Life program with Vision Exercise Physiology and I can truly say I have my life back.

I had been suffering back pain for some time and had tried chiropractors and massage but the pain remained. I wasn’t sleeping because every time I had to roll over I had to brace myself and pull myself into a new position – my husband would often find me in the morning laying on the lounge room floor because I couldn’t lie in bed any longer. I couldn’t put my stocking on, bend over to wash my face at the basin or even put my undies on without having to sit down. Doing housework, groceries, hanging out washing and event getting up from a chair all required me to brace myself and grit my teeth before I moved.

So I heard about this program – what did I have to lose. It started with an assessment and then we commenced the program twice a week for 8 weeks. The program was easy to follow though we complained whenever we could! I couldn’t believe that within a couple of weeks my pain started to decrease and my proudest moment was putting my undies on standing up! I did the exercises at home while watching TV or even in the car – they are easy to incorporate into your life and I still do them now and am amazed that I am still pain free and can see how much progress I have made.

It is just so fantastic to be able to wash my face at the basin, sleep all night and roll over, do the groceries and can even go trail bike riding and lift my motor bike up when I fall off without help or feeling pain.

This is a great program run by fantastic trained and caring staff. They assist and change exercises as needed for each person’s needs. I recommend it to everyone I meet who says they have back pain.

I tried everything but I am so glad I found this program.

I am a Vietnam Veteran, and a few years ago my doctor asked me what exercise I was doing. At that stage I was walking but easily made excuses not to, if weather didn’t suit and so on. He suggested a gym-based programme supervised by an Exercise Physiologist at Vision Exercise Physiology. My blood pressure and cholesterol were both high, a sedentary lifestyle and enjoying food and drink meant my weight was a little over 110kg! Today I attend the gym four mornings a week for weights and cardio exercises. Weight loss and feelings of well-being have been achieved through my attendance at the gym, and I would highly recommend this positive change to anyone in a similar situation, with the team at Vision Exercise Physiology.