The Importance of Stretching – Ashley Johnston AEP

One of the first things that you remember being told to do after exercising is stretching. However, it is one activity that is not always given the time that it deserves. There are several benefits to adding in a stretching component to your regular work out.

Here are some of the benefits that can be associated with stretching on a regular basis and what they mean for your body

  • Improvement to flexibility
    • By participating in correct stretching techniques, you can improve your flexibility by working on joint range of motion and lengthen the targeted muscle.
  • Improvement to range of motion
    • Range of motion and flexibility are closely related as the amount of movement that is present in an individual’s joints is determined by the muscles and connective tissues. When there is limited range of motion it can be due to tight or stiffness present in the muscles.
  • Release muscle tension
    • When muscles are carrying more tension there can be some slight movement restrictions. Stretching helps release tension held within the muscles by slowly lengthening the muscle fibers.

As with most things there are different types of stretching that you can participate in. These types can include static, dynamic, passive or active stretching or can even be done with the use of a foam roller and trigger point release. The key to adding in a stretching component to your routine will greatly depend on what your individual preference and needs are.