Vision Sports Science Performance Testing – Cameron Weber AES

End of year testing has come around once again and is a great time for coaches and sport scientists/strength and conditioning coaches to compare back to goals that were set at the initial point and to also see whether programs that are being implemented are working for certain athletes and the team. This can also be the eye opening moment that you realise that you can’t just give out the same cookie cutter program for the whole squad and each athlete is individual. As athletes become more experienced this becomes even more relevant as the needs for each athlete becomes more and more specific.


There is truly many different ways to track your athletes throughout the year, this can be daily/session/weekly/ through weight loss during sessions or questionnaires on wellness, tracking sessions through weight lifted, total weight lifted in sessions to GPS analysis or physical testing (sprint, jump, push, pull).


This week Vision Sports Science did some performance testing with both the Football and Volleyball squads at Toowoomba Grammar School with some incredible improvements as well as identifying some athletes that are either still recovering for injury or that programs haven’t worked as successfully.


These were the results from our most recent testing with the school:


Football                                                                                               Volleyball

5m                                                    -9.06%                                 Volleyball Agility Drill                                    -9.69%

10m                                                  -3.28%                                 Vertical Jump                                                2.04%

505 Agility (left)                                0.6%                                    Transition Vertical Jump                                3.39%

505 Agility (right)                             -0.43%                                  Broad Jump                                                  15.47%

Broad Jump                                     1.95%                                   Horizontal Row (30secs)                              97.52%

My Jump (vertical)                           5.64%                                   Push up (1min)                                             73.03%

Push up (1min)                                9.04%                                   Medicine ball Overhead Throw                    35.53%

Horizontal Row (30secs)                 1.44%


If your sporting team is looking to get the edge next year now is the time to start doing the work. Contact us for more information.