Vision Vikings Beta Program – Paul O’Neill AES


At Vision, we believe that everyone should be exercising, whether that is to enhance your performance, improve your body composition or improve overall health and wellbeing. That’s why we have created the Vision Vikings program.

The Vision Vikings program is not your average gym class. The Vikings program offers an individualized strength program catered to your individual needs in a group class environment. Vikings is a program designed for anyone wanting to enhance their performance, from weekend warriors who are wanting to take their athletic performance to the next level, to mums or dads looking to get back into shape or those looking to build muscle or lose fat. Vision Vikings is structured around our tried and tested Sports Science principles that will help you achieve your goals. This program will optimize your performance and track your progress through regular performance and movement testing. These testing results are then used to tailor your program to help you continue to improve your strength, power, fitness, and body composition. At Vision, We understand the importance of community.  Community is extremely important in keeping you accountable and it helps make those really hard workouts just a little bit more bearable! We value our member’s safety first, always! Your health and safety are our first priority!

Vision Vikings is a membership program that uses sports science principles to improve your strength, power and conditioning. Your membership will give you access to 4 classes per week of your choice. You can choose from strength/hypertrophy, power, conditioning and movement style classes. Each class involves group style training, however each athlete will have their very own personalized program coached by one of our university qualified sports scientists. Your membership will also give you access to our online workout tracking system as well as the rest of the Vision Vikings community for workout tips, recovery advice and exclusive offers. To begin each new member will complete 4 foundational movement sessions to ensure they are comfortable with the movements that will be used in the classes.



This 1 hour session will focus on building strength and muscle. This individualized strength program will be based around the big compound movement pattern such as the squat, deadlift, bench press and rows to help you build and strong and resilient body. This program will be designed to target your specific weaknesses to help reduce the chance of injury.


The best athletes in the world are strong and powerful. This 30 minute session is for everyone that wants to turn the strength they have built into raw speed and power. This session will include explosive movements such as the Olympic lifts and their variations, ball throws, sled pushes, jumps and sprints.


Conditioning often known as ‘Cardio’ is typically a misunderstood concept with most people simply walking on the treadmill or spinning on the bike. However a good conditioning program will help you to lose fat, get into better shape while maintaining the muscle you have been working hard to put on. This 30 minute session will include everything from running and rowing, to odd object conditioning such as carries and throws. Every session will be different and will target a different energy system to give you a balanced cardiovascular and muscular fitness.


Quality movement is an element of training that is often overlooked. Moving well will increase the amount of weight you can lift safely, increase the amount of power you can produce during explosive movements, decrease the chance of a future injury and decrease your recovery time between workouts. This 30 minute class combines various recovery and stretching methods to improve your movement quality and help you feel better.


To kick this off we will be running a Beta program leading up until Christmas. This Beta program will combine all section types into a single 1 hour session to give you a taste of what is to come.