Women’s Health First – Megan Mansell AEP

Research is becoming more prominent in regards to the benefits of exercise for women’s health issues across the lifespan. From puberty to pregnancy and through to menopause (and every condition in between), the benefits of exercise are significant not only for physical health, but mental health, managing pain and symptoms of menopause, PCOS and endometriosis (just to name a few). These benefits are not widely know at this stage and further promotion is required to help further educate women and health professionals, as well as highlighting the role of exercise physiologist in this field. The current statistics show that only one in two Australian women are sufficiently physically active, which is increasing the chronic disease burden for women. ESSA recently published an eBook targeted at allied health, general practitioners and the general public to help raise awareness and lays out the benefits, training styles, how much exercise and what to take into consideration when exercising with different women’s health issues. This is the great resource for women to have at their disposal to help them make decisions when it comes to their health. It is often said that women will always look after themselves last due to the many other roles that they play in life, however this might be the push to help women start prioritizing their health. With it having recently been International Women’s Day and Toowoomba holding its first women’s health expo, there is no better time to take the time to have a read and make sure you are aware of what is around to help you be the best you. h